what do we do?

Many clients find us when their real estate project has already been sidetracked by various challenges of permitting, zoning, public forums, and other development pitfalls. JTP is a full-service land use consulting agency who will get your project on track and create value in the process.

Due Dillegence

An often overlooked but critical project component, JTP can provide due diligence services for our clients. This research investigates the existing rights and conditions of a tract of land. Information yielded includes existing zoning, infrastructure availability, surrounding uses and zoning, and investigation of existing structures on-site.

We strongly believe giving our clients clear facts about the project is critical to its success. We share our professional opinion, even when the news isn’t favorable news. 

Permit Expediting

Delayed project schedules can result in substantial unnecessary costs. At JTP, our team understands this and can help navigate the permit process quickly and smoothly. We are able to prepare all the necessary information accurately and stay abreast of reviews.

With so many stakeholders involved on any given project, permit expeditors act as city process managers to keep your permitting moving forward as quickly as possible.

Plat Representation

Platting land can be a complicated process. City to City, County to County, the rules of platting vary. Let the experts of JTP help you naviagte these waters with their depth of expertise and fundamental knowledge of the rules.

Josh was able to help my family and our builder through a complicated permitting process for our home in Nashville. He saved us time and money by knowing the process and guiding us through the maze of City Hall.

— Jerry R.

We would have been lost without the JTP team. His team acted like an extension of our office, creating much needed capacity for us to develop larger and more complex projects without the added expense and time of adding more staff.

— Melvin K.